Myth: Men get more leisure time all over the world

No, they don’t.  The OECD’s Better Life Index specifically states — in bold letters no less — “time devoted to leisure is roughly the same for men and women across the 20 OECD countries studied.”

People deeply committed to the lazy dad myth like to point to a report by a few researchers that insisted men actually do get more leisure time.  But those who cite this report clearly didn’t read it carefully.  When you read it through, you find that when sleep and personal care are included, women in some countries actually report getting more leisure time than men.  The OECD’s Better Life Index remains accurate: leisure time is indeed about the same for men and women.

Some people have asked me about a report from the UK Office for National Statistics that says men in the country get more leisure time. That report does not include sleep as leisure. Instead, it lists sleep under “other.” When you look closely, you see that those differences cancel each other out.

This and information on other parts of the world are included in the upcoming international version of my book, All In.