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All In is an inspired, positive and original approach to the ideal of loving being a father. Josh Levs has touched me. Not literally, but philosophically—as being proud to be a man in our society whose voice can be heard if we simply employ the contents of this wonderful read.

Bob Sagetcomedian, actor, director, and author of bestseller Dirty Daddy

A new generation of fathers is joining legions of women in the fight for equality.  All In shows how men and women can unite to overcome the outdated policies and gender-based stigmas holding them back and to make big changes that help families, businesses, and the entire nation.

Maria Shrivermother of four, award-winning journalist & producer, six-time bestselling author

Levs says it well: ‘the first months of life have a huge impact on the following years.’ We all benefit when families – moms and dads – get more quality time at home with their kids from the get-go. Let’s go all in to fix the policies that make it so.

Gabriel StrickerChief Communication Officer Twitter

A must read. All In crushes outdated yet powerful stereotypes and—with fresh voices, insightful research and a passionate call to action—offers a more expansive, more hopeful and ultimately more human vision of what it means to be a good man.

Brigid Schulteauthor of New York Times bestseller Overwhelmed

Dads matter! Josh Levs passionately makes the case that society has marginalized the role of fathers, and it’s time we pay attention to this unbalance. I hope All In leads to a serious national discussion.

Roland S. Martinhost and managing editor of News One Now, TV One Cable Network

Working fathers and mothers need the same things: paid leave, flexible work, child care, and access to services that allow them to be who they want to be at work, at home, and in the community. All In does a superb job of showing how we can make positive changes that benefit organizations, employees and their families, and our society.

Stewart D. Friedmanfounder of the Wharton Work/Life Integration Project and author of Leading the Life You Want

All In is at once a reality check and a passionate call to action. The changes we need in the workplace—from paid parental leave to additional flexibility and more—will not only be better for families, they’ll also be better for business. Josh Levs lays out a clear and compelling path for how dads can join with moms to make these changes happen.

Jen DulskiPresident and

Josh Levs leaves virtually no stone unturned in cataloging the state of modern fatherhood, uncovering its game-changing impact on masculinity, relationships, media, marketing, and more. His insights and conclusions will serve as a roadmap to the coming decade of parenting and relationship research, family leave policies, and product marketing efforts.

John Pacinicofounder of XY Media and Dad 2.0 Summit

One of the most important books written about fatherhood. Engaging and entertaining, All In should be read by fathers, mothers, CEOs, policy makers, and anyone who cares about improving American society.

Cynthia Calvertpresident of Workforce 21C

All In represents the voice of any parent who feels boxed in by gender stereotypes, at home and at the office. Josh’s energetic style and exhaustive research—from hundreds of real parents navigating really challenging times—comprise an important treatise on how to reboot our obsolete instincts and policies toward working parents.

Doug Frenchcofounder of XY Media and Dad 2.0 Summit

All In is a must-read for anyone concerned with gender equity and the advancement of women to the highest levels of business. He “follows the money” to make the compelling argument that not only is equality in policy and use of parental leave good for families, it’s also good for business. Thanks, Josh, for your smart, important and relevant business and social discourse.

Kate Purmal, former SVP, SanDisk

”LITERALLY changed my life! … I can’t say enough about this book. Thanks, Josh, for bettering the lives of fathers and mothers EVERYWHERE!!!!!!”

Amazon review (All In has a five-star rating)

Author, journalist, UN Women global champion, and dad Josh Levs explains why the United States needs to change its antiquated framework to one that supports its families. Impassioned after being denied fair parental leave following the birth of his child, Levs set out to paint a modern day picture of what it means to be a father in the United States. And succeed he does! Through his skillful and thorough investigative research, Levs’ All In shows why having family-supportive workplace policies, laws, and values in a must for the United States. And why this is not a “women’s issue,” but rather a parent issue, human issue, public health issue, and society issue. A must read and call to action for all parents.

Amazon review

Josh Levs has written a much needed book for our times! It is so refreshing to have Levs share a man’s point of view, and argue for real equality between the sexes. Levs puts his reporting background to good use by interspersing policy data with real true life stories. This makes for an easy and enjoyable read. I highly recommend the book!

Amazon review

This book is a manifesto for our time, documenting the challenges dads and families face in our culture and outlining practical ways to create a society that is more life-sustaining for all. It is also a well written page-turner, full of stories of real families coping creatively with myriad challenges, sometimes realizing profound rewards.

Amazon review

Josh Levs provides a playbook (complete with sound, data-driven arguments) for fathers trying to negotiate their own parental leave and for businesses trying to create better family-centered policies to attract and retain employees. If you have how/why questions about parental leave, this book is indispensable.

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Josh is making an impact with his appearances and consulting work around the world.

He blew my mind. I am passionate about people advancing their careers, especially women because I know the obstacles. I’ve read, studied, observed, coached, mentored, and sponsored on behalf of women. I learned something from Josh that I had not heard before: societal structures reinforce that men’s place is at work. Of course, this structure has an impact on women but I hadn’t considered it until I heard Josh speak. I strongly recommend Josh as a keynote speaker.

Sue Staley, HERWorld Conference for women in energy

Josh Levs is a class act! A truly brilliant, forward thinking and engaging communicator who goes above and beyond to exceed the expectations of his clients. Josh leveraged his expertise as a diversity and inclusion pioneer to tailor a workshop specific to our event theme. The audience felt safe yet empowered to speak up and disrupt the corporate “norm” in his workshop “Pursuing Positive Disruption: How to Innovate and Have Every Voice Heard.”  As a speaker, Josh is amazing to work with – he is responsive, professional, genuine and generous with his time in advance of the event. It will be my pleasure to book Josh Levs for future speaking engagements!

Marnie Herren, Synchrony Financial Global Diversity Symposium

His discussion on gender equality in the workplace was extremely engaging and the data supported insights provided a complete paradigm shift for me! I highly recommend booking him to broaden your gender and cultural understanding on how parental leave policies are impeding progress for both men and women. Thank you Josh!

Kandice Blair, HERWorld, for women in energy

Josh’s talk was brilliant, engaging, and thought provoking. Hard facts helped dispel myths and highlighted the tangible social and economic benefits in having a more equal balance between the sexes. Most importantly, it was heartfelt and delivered with humor.

Rachel Jacobs, Financial Times Women At The Top Summit

Josh, it was the highlight of the day. You’re a role model.

Roberta Guise, Bay Area Women’s Summit

Josh was fabulous! A riveting storyteller with a powerful message that will empower men and women. The event was standing room only and opened up great conversations that continued long after.

Katrina Alcorn, GE

Josh is a master of presenting compelling and complex subject matter in an easy-to-understand approach that makes you want to get and join the crusade. Every company and place of higher learning should be required to have Josh present.

Walter J. McDonald, Barclaycard

What a joy it was! Josh is not only a charismatic and eloquent speaker but a visionary who puts family at the core. Highly recommended!!!

Dana Chaaban, Florida Association for Women Lawyers

Josh is the leader we need to change the way we view women, men, and the workplace. He convinced the audience that our work-first culture holds us all back.

Lisen Stromberg, 3% Conference for women in advertising

I want to recognize what a great job Josh Levs did facilitating the Watermark panel that we at Juniper sponsored on gender partnership.  Josh did a great job leveraging all three of us on the panel and keeping both us and the audience engaged.  The result was we had long lines of people at the microphones for questions!

Terese Kemble, CHRO and SVP of Human Resources, Juniper Networks

Josh Levs blew us all away, I have never seen anyone do a better job! EVER!!!!

Robyn Spizman, Global Purpose Summit

Josh is, in every sense, a remarkable speaker and human being. He is easy to work with and has the highest level of professional integrity. His talk captivated our audience as he shared incredible data about the impact of gender treatment for both men and women. I would recommend Josh for any conference or corporate speaking role, and look forward to having him back next year to educate and entertain our audience.

Mary Legakis Engel, Managing Director, Global Women's Leadership Summit

Our intention was that Josh would bring a fresh perspective, research, facts and inspiration to an old dialogue and challenge: that of equality. What he brought was just that, but so much more.  With truth telling, authenticity, and humor, Josh won this city over by a landslide, compelling us… to link arms to break the cycles once and for all. Thank you Josh, for being such a beacon of information, truth, spirit and inspiration.

Sheli Gartman, Women Ignite Summit

We asked Josh to give a talk and moderate a panel He was a pleasure to work with and incredibly responsive to our needs. As for Josh’s presentation, he was dynamic, engaging, and a great storyteller. He gave a talk that was perfect for engaging all students on the topic of gender.  As for his role in moderating the panel, his delivery was amazing. He was very well prepared and seamlessly transitioned from one speaker to the next, while adding thoughtful and on-topic commentary throughout. Given his experience as a journalist, he was also spot on with the timing and did a great job keeping our speakers in line. Josh will be my go-to guy!

Nicole Stephens, Kellogg School of Management

Mind blown by Josh Levs talking about gender stereotypes reducing opportunities for women and men.

Craig R. Wright, Haas Women in Leadership Conference

Josh Levs enlightened many.  I’ll be looking at life differently.

Jennifer Hartsock, HERWorld 17 Summit

Fantastic! Thank you for your thought leadership and challenging the status quo. We all are in it together equally!

Stacey Miller, Simmons Leadership Conference

Amazing. Thanks for your research, efforts etc. Really great perspective to take away from the conference.

Pamela Powell Sarian, Simmons Leadership Conference

Very inspiring insights.  Thank you for being the lean-in from the other side. :)

Helen De La Rosa, BP

Josh Levs was absolutely fantastic to work with and to have at Shell! He is leading the way to opening and having the conversation that we have to be “all in” to closing the gender gap and getting to gender equality. He was also able to really convey his message to our large audience and bring people along emotionally and in a thought process that will lead to implementation. He is a must have speaker in today’s world!

Marie Teixeira Newton, Shell

Thank you for adding an important “dads” voice to our paid family leave hearing. Let’s keep fighting forward!

Rep. Lois Frankel

Josh is passionate and fully committed to his work as a journalist and a father, giving voice to the issue of paternity leave and gender equality in the workplace.  He makes you want to be a part of something regardless of who you are, and that is a difficult trait to come by.

Josie Elizabeth Davis, Chicago Council on Global Affairs

“Josh – you have set a meaningful and important example for so many fathers. I love that you are now helping all of us – including me – realize how precious each year is.”

Sheryl Sandberg - COO, Facebook and author, Lean In

This breakout was incredibly insightful! It was my favorite, by far! Thank you for your perspective.

Anthony Cruz, Synchrony Financial Global Diversity Network Symposium

I work with 30 to 40 speakers a year, and Josh is easily in my top five speakers ever. From the very beginning to the speaking engagement, Josh was genuine, authentic and extremely helpful in making it a success. His marketing materials and available content made my job effortless. He went above and beyond, by also engaging on social media to appeal to our market. By the time he arrived for our presentation, I felt like I was reconnecting with an old friend.
Josh is professional and personable while entertaining the audience. The depth of information that he gave in such a short amount of time was incredible. I was pleasantly surprised at how he broke things down so that everyone could understand without being overwhelming. His stage presence and the intellectual capacity of his presentation are outstanding. The feedback and positive responses we have been receiving has been nothing short of remarkable. He most definitely walked away with many enthusiasts and devoted fans that hold him in the highest regard.
He is a brilliant leader in the fight for our basic human rights. The value he added to our program will provide a lasting impression and hopefully impact positive change for the companies that heard his message. It is my hope that every person in government read his book and hear him speak, in addition to all company employers and employees. Josh has a refreshing perspective in a world that so desperately needs to focus on what is truly important in life, our families. His work is eye-opening and life changing! I am so grateful to have been introduced.

Nicole Stephenson, Society of Professional Women

Josh is one of a kind: a great speaker, an engaging/engaged citizen and thought-leader, a loving father and a very inspiring person to meet, listen and talk with.  It was a HUGE pleasure to have him as keynote at the JUMP Forum in Brussels, the biggest event on Gender Equality in the capital of Europe! As a Master of Ceremonies, I couldn’t dream of better speakers and couldn’t be more grateful. With more value-driven professionals like him, the world will definitely become a better place!

Claudia deCastro Caldeirinha, JUMP Forum

Josh bowled everyone over at the JUMP 2018 Forum in Brussels with his fabulous charisma and storytelling! Josh is a true professional, a pleasure to work with, an engaging speaker. His thought-provoking ideas and captivating stories were an eye-opener for many in our audience and brought a new perspective to the discussions on gender equality: breaking down stereotypes about the lazy dad and building on the need to change work cultures so men can step up at home – and free women to step up at work. Gender balance benefits both men and women!

Christine Evans-Cecil, JUMP Forum

Josh spoke across generations and to over 27 nationalities, explaining why gender equality and rights impact EVERYONE and it will take this generation to make sure that we pave the way for the next. Thank you for sharing your amazing story and book with us!

Danielle Piatkiewicz, German Marshall Fund Brussels Forum

If you are serious about addressing gender equality in your workplace, book Josh Levs. If you truly want to know how men and women can work together to become champions for change, book Josh Levs. Josh’s engaging and approachable presentation was well received by all Adobe employees. We wanted to engage our male colleagues in our talks on women’s issues. Josh was amenable to our high priority goals, and his message was 100% on point. We highly recommend you host Josh at your workplace for this timely, relevant discussion.

Donna Kolnes, Adobe

I was fascinated by his experience and insight. So often discussions around gender and diversity in the workplace devolve into, ‘Well, this happened to me.’  But Josh’s ability to elevate the conversation by sharing his research, work and vast experience created an incredibly powerful discussion.

David Gold, PTTOW

Big thanks to Josh Levs for his candid insight into diversity, modern parenting and caregiver inclusion. He inspired many deep conversations throughout our offices.

Cooley LLP

Josh was the perfect person to engage a broad audience around an issue so important, yet too often siloed as a women’s or parents’ issue. His presentation style was refreshing, candid and much needed to change the dialogue and spur action moving forward!

Amie Santos, Cooley LLP

Amazing. Our people reported that Josh was one of the best speakers we’ve had. At HKS Architects, EDI (equality, diversity, and inclusion) is a stimulating endeavor – and Josh was a hand-in-glove fit. His presentation was authentic and engaging. He also led a fireside chat with a couple of our career dads married to career moms raising families, which was truly meaningful and resonated with our people.  Josh is a pro. He tells his story with grace and humor, making you feel like you’ve known him forever. Hundreds attended and there was a line-up for his books. He signed each one with a personal message. Looking forward to our next engagement with Josh!

Cheryl Kitchner, Vice President, HKS

Brilliant Google Talk by Josh Levs. Beautiful, touching, sometimes difficult watching. Uses a really personal story to frame a macro discussion of the placement of family in society, and in particular how dads are perceived and perceive themselves. I think this will have already done countless good. Bravo.

Marc Zao-Sanders, Talk@Google

Josh has a powerful message. He makes clear how all are affected.  He uses his own personal experiences, accompanied with quality data, to state his case in an engaging format. The only way to achieve anything truly effective is through an ‘All In’ approach.

Aaron Courtenay - Queen's University Belfast

Josh’s keynote at our Diversity Day fundamentally changed the conversation about men’s role in D&I. Seeking equality for women in the workplace means enabling men to be equal caregivers.  Josh perfectly crystallised this principle for our leadership. I believe his message will deliver lasting change in our organisation.

Catherine McGinnity - Sensata Technologies

Josh emceed and was absolutely incredible! He seamlessly facilitated each panel with ease,while keeping the audience completely engaged. He was diligent, prepared and handled any last minute changes with finesse and professionalism.  Josh is an absolute delight, and would be an invaluable asset on any conference team. On behalf of Pink Petro, thank you for making our event fantastic!

Erika Pratt, HERWorld Energy Forum 2019

Josh was the highest rated speaker at our entire summit. He was relatable, inspiring, and awesome to work with. He challenges the status quo and pushes businesses everywhere to put people first. The world needs to hear Josh’s message.

Ryan Picarella, WELCOA Summit