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Building An All In Workplace

Through consulting, global expert Josh Levs helps companies update policies and cultures to eradicate sexism, support gender equal caregiving, and create a more level playing field.

Businesses are struggling with the challenge of ending sexism.  Most have far too few women in the upper ranks.  And a series of high-profile sexual harassment cases have shined a spotlight on how much work there is to do.

speakingThe Mad Men era still clouds over the workplace.  It’s the source of laws, policies, and stigmas that act as gender
police, pushing women to stay home and men to stay at work.  This is costing businesses billions of dollars. Women and many men want to change this.  But men have been relatively silent about it — until now.

Through consulting arrangements, Josh Levs lays out the proven steps and the business case for fixing these problems.  He works with corporate executives to design and implement the strategies that will affect positive change, while meshing ideally with each unique corporate culture.

With an unmatched understanding of the facts and hard data, he shows how a focus on skills amid the digital transformation can allow real equality — involving gender, race, and other factors — to flourish.

A New York Times front-page story called Levs a “pioneer.”  He has been covered by leading media across the world.  The Financial Times named him one of the “Top Ten Male Feminists” and the United Nations named him a Global Gender Champion.  See news coverage.

Levs’ consulting work includes:

  • Talks for global staffs — This is often the first step. (For example, see his Talk at Google, first broadcast internally to employees.)
  • Action workshops — Levs leads groups through a five-step process to determine, select, and commit to actions they’ll take to tackle sexism and improve work-life integration.
  • Policy development — Levs works with HR and D&I teams to create best policies and practices for hiring, promoting, benefits and more.
  • UNpinningPolicy implementation — The corporate world is filled with examples of companies announcing new policies, only to find that they fail or backfire a year or two later. Levs helps make policies succeed for everyone.
  • Tackling conscious and unconscious bias — Even the most well meaning leaders and employees bring unconscious biases to the table.  Through unique workshops, Levs shows how to eradicate them.
  • Culture change — Even more important than policies are workplace cultures that make them a reality. Top-down managerial training, employee engagement efforts and new retention analyses are also necessary.  Levs orchestrates a unique plan for each institution based on its needs.
  • Legal workshops — Businesses don’t realize their legal liability. Equal caregiving isn’t just a good idea, it’s the law.  (And as Levs explained in a Time article, men now file 28% of caregiving cases.)  In workshops for corporate legal teams, Levs maps out the landscape.
  • Four-stage roundtables — Creating All In environments also requires freeing employees to discuss and address work-life challenges together. For men, this goes against conditioning they’ve received since they were boys about how they’re “supposed” to act.  Through a roundtable system, Levs transforms thinking and establishes new dialogue.
  • #HeForShe and ‘Manbassador’ programs — The United Nations “pinned” Levs as a leader of the #HeForShe movement. (He discussed it when winning a debate at Oxford.)  This and so-called “Manbassador” programs are designed to bring men into gender diversity initiatives in new ways.  Levs helps establish them and set benchmarks, with follow-ups throughout a year.
  • Marketing to modern families — Levs’ expertise includes busting myths about marketing to modern families and the purchasing power of today’s fathers. Businesses are missing out on tens of millions of potential customers and clients due to popular misunderstandings.
  • Workshops and sessions on positive disruption, psychological safety, building corporate narratives, winning positive media attention and more.