They Stand Corrected

The New Podcast Fighting for Truth

Lies and myths are societal poison. As we enter into an even worse era for the rapid spread of misinformation, disinformation and “alternative facts,” we desperately need trustworthy sources of truth. News media should serve that role.

When they don’t, we’re all in trouble. And sadly, every day, news organizations report some things that liars say without telling you what’s true. They give these folks platforms to spew dangerous nonsense. They even do this for terrorists. 

Who holds the media to account? Who fact checks the news? Now, there’s a podcast for that. Welcome to They Stand Corrected.

In it, Josh tackles the systemic problems that need to be fixed. Each episode focuses on something big that the media keeps getting wrong, why it keeps happening, and what we can all do about it.

“Watch this space. Josh Levs uses his unique fact checking skills and experience not only to expose falsehoods in the news, but to dismantle the systems that drive them. He shows us how to put truth first.”

Pamela Meyer – author, Liespotting, with one of the top TED Talks of all time
  • Episode 15: Media & the Fight for Democracy
  • Episode 14: Editorial Boards and Crystal Balls
  • Episode 13: A Law to Ban Politicians Lying

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What’s it all about? Here’s the introductory episode.

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Who is Josh Levs?

Josh Levs spent 20 years inside mainstream media (at NPR and CNN), did lots of fact checking on air and online, and won lots of awards (Peabody, Edward R. Murrow, NABJ, and more). His book, All In, corrected myths about dads and modern families. 

Now, he’s doing for the media what he has done for other topics: busting myths, and fighting for truth.

Also a highly sought after speaker, Josh has spoken everywhere from the U.N. to Congress, Google, Oxford (where he won a debate) and dozens of organizations around the world. See videos on his YouTube channel