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Josh on the debate fallout, and the question of whether it would be patriotic to ban lawmakers lying.

Josh explains why presidential debates are ‘arson for truth.’

Josh fact checks a new study on dads’ heart health and discusses They Stand Corrected.

I had a great chat with Josh Levs about his mission to deal with truth, journalism and context. He’s a great one and you will love this. And check out his substack and podcast, ‘They Stand Corrected.’

Without knowing the truth, we can’t heal our relationships. We have to start off with what’s solid and learnable. So before arguing about politics or international stuff or whatever, we need to first establish facts! And we are losing our direct relationship to facts. Josh is breaking it all down and talking his podcast, “They Stand Corrected.”

They Stand Corrected makes Newsweek! In this column, Josh lays out the proof that many “mainstream” news outlets are institutionally biased against Israel — and even have rules to enforce that bias.

In Newsweek, Josh fact checks an offensive speech at the Oscars that was based on lies about Jewish people and Israel.

Josh explains the significance of new research about how paternity leave affects dads’ brains.

Josh explains that job sharing options are important for dads and the cause of gender equality.

In casting roles that are members of minority groups, Hollywood has been seeking out actors who are parts of those same groups — except when it comes to Jewish people. Josh explains why it matters that Oppenheimer is the latest film to have major Jewish roles played by non-Jews, and why the issue goes far beyond portrayals.

‘It’s crucial to recognize that paid parental leave is not just a ‘women’s issue.’ It’s an issue for all parents and for everyone who understands the importance of including men and fathers in caregiving,’ Levs said.

Levs… said CNN has strayed from founder Ted Turner’s ideals to focus on facts and hard news in an effort to chase ratings and profits. Licht was no panacea, he said, given his focus on personalities and providing Trump an open platform.

Josh explains how the first ever U.S. National Strategy to Counter Antisemitism deals an important blow to bigots who call their anti-Jewish hatred “anti-Zionism.”

Josh calls out CNN for giving Trump a live “town hall” broadcast.  “Any person who is a proven liar should never be put on live. I don’t care who they are or what title they have. This concept of trying to cleave to the middle is useless if you are going to platform liars.”

Josh Levs explains how the new split Congress could finally deliver on paid family leave.

“Wanna know the secret to success?!!! It’s called ‘cups and ice’… Here’s how Josh Levs turned it into the secret sauce of his success.” (Read the LinkedIn post from host Andrea Koppel)

Research that Josh Levs conducted for his book, “All In,” indicates that most Black fathers live with their children.

Paid parental leave is hugely popular across political lines, yet getting virtually no attention in the election. Josh Levs explains why — and explores how a national policy would help families and the entire economy.

Josh explains why Adidas’ severing ties Ye (Kanye) was such an important test case — and why its delay damaged efforts to fight antisemitism.

Josh explains that the GOP is turning a blind eye to its dangerous antisemitism. Certain Democrats, meanwhile, are engaging in performative allyship while fueling antisemitic hatred themselves.

Josh provides a big reality check. Some businesses have reduced parental leave since 2020, when numbers shot up early in the pandemic — but, fortunately, the drop is not as drastic as a recent report suggested. Still, any drop is bad for businesses, families and society.

In a column, Josh explains why a sportscaster’s criticism of a Mets player for taking paternity leave speaks to a problem that was exacerbated by the pandemic.

LinkedIn features Josh’s post on gender equality and abortion rights

The video for paid family leave features several notable figures, including Josh Levs