Myth: Even when men don’t have jobs, they do half the housework and childcare women do

This one has popped up in headlines, and is one of an incredibly long onslaught of false and misread data in the horribly misguided book “How Not to Hate Your Husband After Kids.”  (Can you imagine anyone writing a book like that about wives/moms?)

This claim is false because the research it’s based on did not in any way represent men and women in general.  Instead, a journalist decided to take a look at a day in the life of 147 non-employed men and 147 non-employed women, and compare their activities.

Anyone who takes the time to actually read the article will also see that it does not compare mothers and fathers.  Many women in the sample have children — one even has seven kids.  Many of the men don’t have children.  Why would they be doing childcare?  And who cares if they’re cleaning their own apartments?

Comparisons like these are irrelevant and misleading.  Comparing a young, unemployed, single man to a married mom with multiple kids tells you nothing.  But people supporting the lazy dad myth don’t care.

Again, when you hear these wild claims, go back to the facts: dads and moms are putting in equal work hours on behalf of their families.  That is fact.