Myth: Dads pretend to suck at housework so they won’t have to do it.

The fact that anyone believed and reported this despite the lack of statistical basis shows just how far off the deep end the lazy dad myth has gone.  When it comes to just about any other group of people, book editors and journalists would think twice before taking such a preposterous claim as fact.  But since dads are the target, it simply gets reported.

Here’s how this one came about.  A plumbing company in England named Victoria Plum made this claim in a news release in 2014.  A bunch of media including The Telegraph then reported it as fact without looking into it.  A 2017 book called Drop the Ball then reported it with a footnote citing the Telegraph article.  Then the Daily Beast reported it, citing the book.

I contacted Victoria Plum.  They insist they have no information about this anywhere in their archives, but that this alleged study was carried out on their behalf by a company called twentysix.  That agency, in turn, then told me that they retain no information about it and won’t discuss it.

Here’s the thing: When companies release alleged “studies,” they do it to get press.  When a company refuses to share any information behind its own alleged “study,” you know it’s not legit.  Sigh.