Episode 8: All the Queen’s Lies, Part II

A terrorist on the FBI Most Wanted list is living freely as a popular celebrity in Jordan, which is refusing to extradite her despite an extradition treaty with the United States. Another of her American victims died last year. Also, most likely the fastest ever killing of a large number of Palestinians, including terrorists, was carried out by Jordan, not Israel. And the reason the West Bank has its name is that Jordan occupied it. All this, and so much more, was left out of a major news network’s disastrous “interview” with Queen Rania.

Today, in Part II of Josh’s breakdown of this hypocritical “liefest,” the ways that journalists too often deprive you of not only facts, but also context. Plus, why an expression of opinion can be a crucial jumping off point to explore both. And what Hillary Clinton got right on The View.

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