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Josh is called upon almost daily to share his knowledge and expertise with the media, and for interviews about his book All In.  For media requests, contact:   Click here for Media Kit.

“The Golden Globes show you can Be the Cups and Ice in 2018,” Josh Levs says, citing his TEDx Talk

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On national radio across Canada, Josh Levs speaks with host Charles Adler about sexual harassment scandals, #MeToo, Matt Lauer, Donald Trump and the political pendulum swinging.


‘It’s fitting that, in the end, the courage of some women to come forward with their stories combined with journalism by other news outlets to take’ Matt Lauer down, Josh Levs explains.

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Josh Levs responds to Matt Lauer’s apology

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The Voice of America’s Russian language news interviews Josh about gender equality, #metoo, and his experience being sexually harassed.


Josh speaks with the BBC about the importance of the #MeToo campaign and his experience being sexually harassed by a woman in the workplace.

The more we all share our stories, whatever they are, the more we drop the stigmas and have to confront the scope of this problem… Let’s all make sure we maintain a safe space and welcoming atmosphere for each other to open up about these issues, long after this hashtag fades.


What can men do to support women in the workplace and at home? The same things women can do: recognize that we’re all actually capable both at work and at home, and act accordingly, Josh Levs explains.


“When journalists and editors hear claims casting aspersions on just about any other group of people, they know to be circumspect. But dads remain an exception,” author Josh Levs wrote.


Josh Levs disproves a myth about the earnings of married couples.

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What Silicon Valley and most workplaces worldwide need to learn: women can’t ‘lean in’ unless men and women can be all in.


Josh Levs fought his employer for paternity leave. Now, he’s advocating for everyone else.

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Josh Levs corrects the Wall Street Journal editorial board and Ivanka Trump on paid family leave.

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Peabody winner Josh Levs delivers an inaugural lecture at the historic Chautauqua Institution.


Josh Levs, author of All In, appears on MSNBC to discuss modern fathers, changing parental roles, and the stereotype of the lazy dad.


‘Savvy young women now want to work at companies that have PA-ternity leave, and that support men as fathers, because they understand that truly makes sure that they, as women, have equal opportunities in the workplace,’ says Josh Levs, author of All In.

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‘These guys want to see themselves portrayed in media in movies, T.V., pop culture, everything, the way that they’re actually acting in their real lives—and that is in the caring role for their families,’ Josh Levs says in this story published by NBC stations across the country.

Josh Levs will testify on Capitol Hill, discussing paid family leave, All In, and mothers and fathers as equals.


Fatherhood, masculinity expert and former CNN and NPR journalist Josh Levs seems hopeful that someday both men and women will be given the same leave or respect at work with regard to child care.

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Josh Levs explains that there’s a huge gap between what dads are actually like these days and what stereotypes and inaccurate reports suggest.

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The top global expert on modern dads at work, Josh Levs, says, ‘Father figures give young people, particularly boys, multiple ways of understanding what it means to become a man.’


Josh Levs’ story ‘Anti-dad stigmas are more powerful than policies, and other facts businesses must know about dads’ is featured by LinkedIn in Editor’s Picks, Human Resources, and Recruiting & Hiring.


These attacks on men, Levs argues, are simply not grounded in reality. When you add up all paid and unpaid work – as measured by government time-management surveys – here’s how it comes out.


Live on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, Josh Levs discusses modern fathers, paid family leave, and the #ThereToCare campaign from a brand he partners with, Dove Men+Care.

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What dads really need for Father’s Day, by Josh Levs


Josh Levs shares insight on the latest news from the world of social media, live from Times Square.

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Nobody gets fatherhood like Josh Levs & nobody is doing more to teach media that Homer Simpson is a cartoon.



An interactive tool has been launched to correct the media about dads.  ‘There’s an army of us online — men and women who see through the lazy dad myth and want to end it,’ Josh Levs explains.


Josh Levs writes about a Survivor winner, a Navy chaplain, and others with an important message about father figures this Father’s Day, in partnership with Dove Men+Care.

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Josh Levs, global expert on these policies and author of All In, said, ‘I congratulate Shell.  This is a big step forward in creating an all-in’ workplace…’

Josh Levs’ statement on the paid leave proposal in President Trump’s budget

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Sheryl Sandberg agrees with me and says this in my book: Women can’t ‘lean in’ unless men and women can be all in.

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Josh Levs explains, ‘You can’t just solve the lack of women in leadership as a stand-alone problem in a vacuum. You have to make sure that women and men are given equal opportunities to address work-life issues and be caregivers at home.’


Levs says that when society fails to value dads, it hurts everyone.  He’s determined to shine a spotlight on the issue until things change.


Josh Levs on why there’s still a big gender gap in the tech industry


Josh Levs shares his story of having been sexually harassed by a woman, years ago at a small business.


Hillary Clinton, former President Barack Obama, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Josh Levs are among those responding to Jimmy Kimmel’s heartfelt discussion of his son and health care.


‘Most dads have no access to paid leave at all,”‘said Levs. ‘Even when it’s available, the overwhelming majority goes unused. The pressures against men taking leave are tremendous.’

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Levs says, ‘Today most men want to care for their children more, and women want to come back to work. You cannot attract and retain today’s moms and dads without policies that help them do that.’


Levs has been named a ‘Global Champion of Gender Equality’ by United Nations Women, so he knows a thing or two about gender equity and why it makes absolute zero sense to tear one another down.


I loved Josh Levs’s book All In: How Our Work-First Culture Fails Dads, Families, and Businesses — And How We Can Fix It Together, about paid leave, and why it’s so challenging.


In a new survey, most dads say they sometimes hesitate to bring their kids to sports games due to fans’ aggressive behavior.


Daring career moves with Josh Levs, who is speaking at the conference!


Josh Levs and Anne-Marie Slaughter offer evidence counteracting the myth that men have ‘lightness of mind.’


Josh Levs explains why work-life balance for fathers is also a women’s rights issue.


‘It’s a necessity for creating workplace gender equality, building stronger businesses, lifting profits and growing the economy,’ Josh Levs, author of All In, wrote.  ‘The same forces holding back women in the workplace also make it much tougher for men to be caregivers.’


Josh Levs is one of the world’s ‘Badass Men.’ All In is an anthem, and has opened many conversations regarding fair treatment towards working parents of both genders.


U.S. men are even more likely than women to switch jobs or careers for greater work-life balance. Josh Levs explains why this crucial finding gets so little attention, and how businesses are paying a big price.


Josh Levs shatters the myth that dads have ‘lightness of mind,’ leaving the ‘mental work’ to moms. He explains why this stereotype hurts women as well as men.


One of the most popular and frequently booked keynote speakers and consultants, Josh Levs is now available on Geniecast.

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Josh Levs, top international speaker, explains ‘How to Give a Keynote Speech That Everyone Will Remember’

CJAD Montreal

Leslie Roberts interviews Josh Levs about men as caregivers and Levs’ experience leaving a career at NPR and CNN.


Paid Family Leave can still happen during a Trump administration, thanks to advancements at the state level, Josh Levs explains.


The network suffered a further backlash when celebrated author of All In, Josh Levs, wrote an article specifically directed to the issue. Levs said the Castle move was shocking and obviously sexist, openly perpetuating gender inequality.  The post received hundreds of responses and shares.


‘This is exactly what millions of men all over the country are dealing with,’ says Josh Levs, who has written about parental leave in the book All In. Levs is a journalist and advocate for paid family leave, including paternity leave.


A conversation with Josh Levs, a ‘rare and welcome male voice’ at the Wharton Women’s Summit


The Wharton 22s, a male advocacy student organization for gender equality at work and at home, sat down with Josh Levs, a champion of gender equality and author of All In, to discuss how men can contribute to this fight.


‘Leaving out men from paid leave ‘is terrible for women and business,’ said Josh Levs, author ofAll In—How Our Work-First Culture Fails Families and Businesses — And How We Can Fix It Together.  ‘Making it available only to women takes choices away from women and away from families.’


‘His announcement is so sexist it’s hard to believe [Trump] exists in this millennium,’ Josh Levs, the author of All In, told HuffPost.

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The financial cost associated with family leave is widely misunderstood and preventing progress. In fact, paid family leave programs actually save businesses money. Yes, really. I dug deeply into this issue for my book, All In.

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Posing for the cover and writing the accompanying story, Josh Levs reports on the male body image crisis endangering boys, leading men to suicide, and taking place in the shadows.


‘Can I tell people, Josh, that you’re naked on the cover?!’ America’s ‘thought leader on relationships’ speaks with Josh Levs about his Stand Magazine cover story on the male body image crisis.


Josh Levs works with companies in Silicon Valley and throughout the Bay Area to help them embrace modern fatherhood as an essential step toward empowering women and building gender equality in the workplace.  Watch his interview with KQED Newsroom.


To get a good grasp of just where we stand with paternal, and maternal, leave and where we can go from here to make it better, I talked with Josh Levs, a consultant, speaker and author who wrote the book All In.


In the latest New York Times piece featuring Josh Levs, he writes about the universal benefits of valuing fathers as caregivers.


The remarks infuriated feminists and equality campaigners, with Josh Levs, a UN ‘global gender champion’, tweeting: ‘Gender bias is alive and well.’

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Amid the debates raging now over racism in the criminal justice system, there’s a myth rearing its ugly head: that most black kids are fatherless.


A robust discussion with Josh Levs about his book All In, which focuses on modern fatherhood, gender equality and the workplace.

SF Chron

Josh Levs is leading a campaign to get corporate America to rethink an ‘antidad, work-first culture’ that he says stems from prejudice against women.

11 Alive

‘Renaissance man’ Josh Levs, an ‘ace of fatherhood,’ sets the record straight about dads.

Bay Area Summit

Josh Levs’ speech was ‘the highlight’ of the huge Bay Area Women’s Summit, attendees say


Josh Levs speaks with Dr. Wendy Walsh about stereotypes and why positive images of dads are critical.


Josh Levs appears on the The Weather Channel to talk about positive images of dads and great things to do on Father’s Day.


For Father’s Day, Josh Levs corrects the record about dads.


The team at Quora invites experts to field questions on key topics. Josh was invited to do a Writing Session on a wide range of issues involving dads, fatherhood, and modern families.


Josh Levs is interviewed, and the host highly recommends that everyone read All In

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In this exclusive interview, Josh Levs discusses the importance of paternity leave to gender equality in the workplace.

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UN Global Gender Champion and the author of All In, Josh Levs, explains: ‘Advertisers are realizing that there is a push for today’s families to see positive images of dads. Men all over the world do not recognize themselves in TV shows or media.’


This is what happens when men try to take paternity leave, Josh Levs explains.


Josh Levs joins The Diane Rehm Show to discuss the truth about dads, the ‘most misunderstood members of the modern American family.’


The overwhelming majority of today’s dads value family over work, by far.  Unfortunately, the CEOs of companies generally fall into the tiny subset of men who are the exceptions.


Paternity leave cases are expected to keep increasing ‘as these social ideals continue to change with high-profile cases like that of Josh Levs, denied paternity leave by CNN, whose book about that experience ‘All In’ has brought a lot of attention to this issue.’

Josh Levs Speaks at U.N. March 15 2016

In a unique moment for the United Nations, Josh Levs speaks about modern families, the workplace, myths about dads, and his book All In.


All In by Josh Levs wins Nautilus Gold!


An extensive interview with Josh Levs, translated into Portuguese, in Brazil’s top women’s magazine


Josh Levs on one city’s vote to enact maternity leave, and the need for paid family leave nationwide


Probably the most prominent voice among these was of Josh Levs, the author of All In, who took to Twitter and quickly gained support.

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The cancellation of the TV show Castle was a victory for gender equality in Hollywood, Josh Levs writes.

claudia mag

The editor of Brazil’s top women’s magazine writes about Josh Levs and All In.


New figures show the number of legal cases filed over paternity leave has more than quadrupled over the past decade.


Josh joins two other panelists to discuss controversy over transgender rights and wearing what you want at work.


Levs’ book about the experience makes a powerful case for why parents of all kinds need more support from society, culture and policy — and against wasting too much collective time on the ‘who does more’ trope.


Josh Levs and Ellen Bravo explain why New York’s big step on paid family leave must serve as a wake-up call in Washington.

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Levs is speaking at a lot of conferences and businesses, as well as consulting and helping businesses to create better policies. He is working hard to make change that will help all parents.


‘In addition to new policies, businesses must embrace inclusive cultures in which men and women know that they actually can take the leave and not be punished for it,’ said Josh Levs, the author of All In.

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Josh Levs on the importance of Coca-Cola’s new parental leave policy


Josh Levs appears on WGN Morning News to talk about dads, paternity leave, and his book, All In.


Even if fathers do have access to more parental leave, Josh Levs, author of the book, All In… (says) there’s still a persistent workplace stigma to be battled.


‘It’s incumbent on these big companies to take another, equally important step: encourage men to actually take the leave,’ writes Josh Levs…


Josh Levs weighs in on Etsy and Bank of America making terrific new leave policies, and on why other companies should drop ‘primary caregiver’ rules.


Levs noted the discrepancy, challenged it, and went all in on the research, a process that produced a great book…  There’s even a whole chapter devoted to military dads.
Augusta Free Press

Josh Levs played a key role in New York passing its paid leave program.. We were thrilled to host him in Washington DC at Busboys & Poets, and look forward to partnering with him again in the future.


Wall Street Business radio

Dadvocate Josh Levs speaks to The Dana Barrett Show about Chicago White Sox baseball player Adam LaRoche’s $13 million decision, modern fatherhood, and the crucial message for businesses.

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Josh teams up with Dove Men+Care to show how a Major League Baseball story is a learning opportunity about modern fathers and business.

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Josh Levs speaks at the United Nations, pushing for global gender equality.


Why Full House mattered for dads — I had the chance to discuss this with Bob Saget, who plays Danny Tanner and who is now a friend.


All In has been named one of the best books of 2015 by NewsOne Now.


Josh Levs on men crying, from the Super Bowl to Facebook stickers to Hugh Jackman and Shark Tank.

Before a crowd in New Hampshire, GOP presidential hopeful Marco Rubio tells Josh Levs he’ll consider his reporting about paid family leave. Then, in person afterward, he promises Levs he’ll read the book


Josh Levs testifies for worker flexibility law


‘It’s a form of bullying to maintain an old perspective of what it is to be a man, and to tell other men that’s the only way to be a man,’ says Levs. ‘The only way to tackle these stigmas is top-down.’


Josh Levs explains why comedian Amy Schumer’s Twitter spat offers a lesson for fathers and sons

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Watch: Josh Levs corrects presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz on paid family leave

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“The environment of a company, the culture [of it] is set always top down,” said Levs. “The way to counteract these stigmas has to come from top executives actually taking leave.”


Journalist and fatherhood columnist Josh Levs has the answer in All In.


It’s absolutely essential that everyone understand two things: One, that dads are very involved at home, and two, that families are better off when dads are very involved at home.


Why 2015 was a banner year for working parents


Josh Levs was invited to speak about his book at Google’s offices in Mountain View, in a live talk broadcast to Google employees worldwide.


‘We have this vicious cycle going on, in which the people running the companies still believe that family concerns are a ‘women’s issue,’ even though the overwhelming majority of today’s fathers are very involved,’ says Levs.

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Josh Levs, a father of three, focuses his new book All In on dispelling myths about today’s dads and moms and explaining the necessity of new policies such as paid family leave. .. Josh is truly a pioneer.


‘There’s federal guidance now that says yes, women should get leave for physical recovery (from child birth). However, any leave that is actually given to take care of the child has to be gender-neutral,”’Levs told MetroFocus


Josh showed how structures and cultures across the world conspire to force men out to work (and to work ridiculously long hours) and mothers to stay at home. This ‘secret reality’ lies behind the dearth of women in senior roles in all sectors.


‘Corporate cultures are top-down. When a top executive actually takes paternity leave, it sends the signal to everyone else in the ranks that it’s OK to do so,’ author Josh Levs says of Mark Zuckerberg’s decision.


Josh Levs argues that to embrace the idea of parental leave is good for society and business.

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In the inaugural Provost’s Lecture, Josh Levs explains how lies about dads are everywhere, including in the mainstream media. They hurt women, men, children, and businesses, propagating backward structures that take choices away from families.


Josh Levs, the author of All In, told me that although the survey compared moms and dads who work full-time, that doesn’t mean that they are working the same number of hours. Men are more likely to be putting in extra hours at the office… So an uneven divide of labor at home may be a reflection of sexism in the workplace, not laziness on the parts of dads.

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Levs wrote a groundbreaking book. He’s trying to change businesses’ attitudes toward fathers.


Fathers have similar problems, too. Josh Levs, a former CNN correspondent, tells of how his daughter was born five weeks prematurely…


Levs’ team wins debate on feminism and gender equality at the Oxford Student Union!


Kudos to Representative Paul Ryan on making an important statement about dads and families. Now he should stop and consider why many people are accusing him of hypocrisy.


Levs recently wrote the book All In, a call to action for working dads that he hopes will do for them at home what Lean In did for women in the office.


It’s time to end ‘primary caregiver’ benefits, Josh Levs explains.

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Numerous studies show that the best way to engage fathers is through paternity leave,” Josh Levs writes in All In.


Levs’ EEOC claim offers an example of what can happen when a new dad feels he was given short shrift.


NewsWorks Tonight host Dave Heller talks to Levs about “All In,” parental workplace equality, and what can be done to change our family leave culture.

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A fascinating new book urges dads to rise up and demand a sea change in workplace policies and attitudes that force men to place career before family—or penalize them if they don’t.

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Josh Levs, autor del libro “All In”, en el que aboga por la introducción de bajas familiares remuneradas para los trabajadores, cree que las políticas en EE.UU. en este asunto están desfasadas.

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A warm congratulations Josh, from the entire #HWAteam on today’s successful event and continued success #AllInBook


Inspiring in his systematic and passionate approach to crushing gender stereotypes, yet practical in how this applies to individuals and families now… Levs gives us the information and resources to be a part of the cultural drive that is changing our policies and practices both inside the home and the workplace.



For men lucky enough to have workplace flexibility, as Ms. Slaughter writes, and as Josh Levs has covered so well in his book, ‘All In: How Our Work-First Culture Fails Dads, Families and Businesses — And How We Can Fix It Together,’ embracing it is harder than it should be.


If Mr. Levs was a pioneer of sorts, who will be next?

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Josh Levs is a man that deeply values not only his family and personal life, but also the importance of innovation and business in a life… ‘We innovate and we love,’ Levs says. ‘Never listen to the cynics,’ he continued, warning of those that think it is not possible to honor both sides. ‘They are wrong.’

Shouted out ‘ fantastic new book “All In,” specifically chap entitled “How Black Dads Are Doing Best of All,” in my Chicago speech.


Levs joins q to discuss how the work-first ethos is working against ‘all in’ dads, why both male privilege and female gatekeeping must be challenged, and how a big personal risk turned into a sprawling research project.


In his new book, Josh Levs says many dads today want to engage with their families, but old office stereotypes prevail, with corporate policies standing in the way.  He says that hurts not only fathers, but families and businesses as well.


Josh Levs is one of FT’s ‘top feminist men.’

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In our attempt to make workplaces friendly to moms, don’t forget dads.


False claims and inaccurate statistics about modern families abound. Many of these focus on dads, the most misunderstood part of the modern family. Mainstream media is filled with headlines and references to surveys that get fathers completely wrong.


Josh Levs points this out in his new book, “All In,” in a chapter titled “How Black Dads Are Doing Best of All (But There’s Still a Crisis).” One fact that Levs quickly establishes is that most black fathers in America live with their children.


Being a dad is hard. It’s even harder when laws and policies are designed to keep dads from doing their fair share. Josh Levs talks about that in All In…


Should be mandatory reading for every CEO, HR, benefits, and similar professional. Groundbreaking.


“’You have to follow the money to understand the rationale,’ but it is also a cultural issue that reflects the way most companies in the U.S. still think about gender, Levs says.



Investigative reporter, author and, chiefly, father Josh Levs will visit Exeter to talk about the importance of family-friendly workplaces and paid family leave. According to Levs, the American workforce has not ‘caught up’ with the realities and needs of the modern family.


Josh Levs is on a mission – to change the 1950s expectations and perceptions about fatherhood that linger among Americans and American businesses. Those, he says, are hurting not only dads, but moms, children and employers.


Josh Levs explains the big picture behind Microsoft and Netflix’s new parental leave policies.


When I launched a fight for fair parental leave at my company, one legal publication called it a ‘shot across the bow’ for employers. I can’t know how much that battle helped… But clearly, the ground is shifting. Big businesses are starting to recognize that these policies are necessary to compete for talent.


Not content to just go back to his desk and keep his head down, Levs, 42, has become a spokesperson for involved dads and a positive crusader for parents’ rights in a country where just 14 percent of companies offer paid leave and one-third of dads have no access to child-care leave at all. The Post talked to him about family leave, the new American dad, and his new book…


Men should lean in just as much as women—they should just do it in a different direction. That’s the gist of Josh Levs’ All In, a manifesto of work and life for men that aims to be for working fathers what Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In was to working mothers: a cogent analysis of the systemic problems in work culture that make it so difficult to be a parent.


Levs has been meeting with staff on Capitol Hill to drum up support for the FAMILY Act, which involves small shared contributions from workers and employers to provide income for people during family or medical leave.


Want to do something great for the dads in your life? Tell your state and federal lawmakers that you want paid family leave. Show employers the facts about better policies. Work to end the stigmas.


The belief that fathers are uninvolved, lazy and incapable as parents is so prevalent that even many of the active, involved fathers I interviewed were convinced that they were the exceptions… (These) myths hurt both men and women.


This Father’s Day, instead of a tie or cologne he probably will never spritz on anyway, give the gift of “All In” by Josh Levs, an investigative journalist and expert on fatherhood. I’ve chosen his book for this month’s Color of Money Book Club.

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‘The vast majority of men say they prioritize their families over work, but the workplace is itself caught in a vicious cycle. The men who do not prioritize their family, they are often in charge of the company,’ says Josh Levs.

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Announcement: Josh is coordinating with the New Hampshire Women’s Foundation to make paid family leave a key issue in the nation’s first presidential primary.

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Can This Man Get Corporate America To Rethink An Anti-Dad Culture?

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Across the U.S., families are struggling because a basic human right is missing: the chance for a newborn baby to have a parent at home who does not have to worry about putting food on the table.


Josh Levs makes a case for paid paternity leave as a gender equality issue in his new book All In.

worklife hub

Particularly commendable is that the book also breaks a number of taboos, from having a fulfilling sex life when both parents are working, to providing a kind of checklist for men of looking after their body and mind.

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Inspired by his own fight for paternity leave, (Levs) explores the shifts in policy and pop culture, including an end to the hapless dad figure, that have to take place before fathers can have work/life balance too.


CNN journalist Josh Levs forced his employer to give new dads more time off. Now he wants others to speak up, too.

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With the expectation of being good workers, men wind up being ‘dads in the shadows,’ in the phrasing of Josh Levs.

Entrepreneur logo

Across the country, some businesses large and small are starting to embrace paid family leave programs. And they’re finding that the dire warnings that such programs will ‘kill jobs’ are misguided.

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The Jewish Reason I Fight for Paid Family Leave

Brain, Child

Levs brings together and discusses the most up-to-date research on fatherhood while also proposing practical and policy solutions.

AJC logo

In ‘All In,’ Levs covers every aspect of the issue. He includes every category of dad you can think of, from the single dad and the custody-battling dad, to the military dad and the imprisoned dad. He also has suggestions for workaholic dads seeking more balance in their lives.  Levs lays out solid ideas for putting better policies in place; he even suggests a way to create a paid family leave by lowering taxes.


Are we really so far behind that we need science to tell us that men are absolutely capable of taking care of children? Josh Levs asks that question in his new book, ‘All In.’


Debunking the most pervasive myth about black fatherhood


Q&A with Josh Levs: Who is the modern father, and what does he want?

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When companies embrace the fathers in their ranks as fathers, it’s very good for business.


Levs destroys the false narrative of black fathers that has been promulgated not only by media outlets and people with political agendas, but also by people in the black community.

Sirius Business Radio - Wharton

Josh Levs… is one of the people who is helping to instigate (change) in our time.  The powerful new book All In… is a call to action.

CBC Radio Canada

Why do so few dads take the paid paternity leave they’re allowed? Josh Levs, author of All In, explains.

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The American workplace is stuck in a time warp, writes Josh Levs in his new book.


When we start to understand that this country is full of excellent fathers across all races, we will be able to tackle these backward structures that are hurting us.


Today’s marriages are egalitarian when it comes to parenting.  We need policies that recognize that.


I’m extremely excited about this book. It’s very important. It’s very 2015!


When businesses create policies that are fair and non-discriminatory, they hold onto more employees.


From All In: 10 things everyone should know about working dads


Now there’s a new book that points out that a new generation of dads are also joining us in this fight.


We need to push everyone to understand the truth about what’s going on with families. You cannot claim to have any ideas about family values unless you value fathers.

It is much more than just a case for paternity leave. Levs writes about work/life balance, dads in pop culture, fatherlessness, and even sex within a partnership after kids arrive.

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A new book argues that the pop culture image of dads as lazy and uninvolved is not only false but damaging, perpetuating a sexist social structure that pigeon holes women too.


It’s so important for workers in this country to know that we have rights.


Advice for working dads from a CNN journalist: (Video) After winning a lawsuit against his employer Time Warner’s family leave policy, CNN journalist Josh Levs says there is still much stigma against the working dads who decide to make family a priority.


The author builds a strong case that there is a disconnect between the corporate world and American family life… (His) expertise shines through… Levs cuts through dissension with a sarcastic wit.


Black Dads Matter: Are Fathers Really Optional & Irrelevant? …Levs expounded on his findings about fathers, highlighting that Black dads ‘are doing the best of all dads in America.’


Through his straightforward analysis, Levs shows how the male-female dynamics at home have changed significantly over the past 50 years, while those same forces have not changed in the workplace.


A far cry from previous generations, today’s working dads who live with their kids spend an average of three hours a day with them. .. Men and women put in an equal number of hours on behalf of their families through a combination of paid work, household chores, and child care.


The more we all understand, accept and promote the virtues and challenges of the 21st Century Man, the faster we will shift towards a more gender-respectful society and narrow the broadened fault lines threatening our ability to understand and interact with one another in a caring, conscious and collaborative way.


Josh Levs’ Open letter to Boomer & Carton and Mike Francesa for Slamming Paternity Leave


‘These problems are one and the same. The lack of paid maternity leave and the lack of paternity leave both come from the exact same source,’ Levs told ABC News. ‘This is the problem in America: the source is a view in our workplace policies that women should stay home and men should keep working. … Our workplace policies are built around that ancient, outdated thinking.’


Why We Should Be All In : An Interview with Josh Levs


Inside the daddy wars:
Fathers are the unseen victims of the work-life crunch, a growing group argues. And it’s time for everyone to fight back.


As a result of the filing, Time Warner changed its policy, offering biological fathers six weeks of paid leave instead of two.


All In is a manifesto of psychological insight and political solutions that is difficult to criticize.


‘Lean in’ for dads says family time’s not just for women.


(A) useful guide for those looking to effect change in their own workplaces and communities.


Fathers are also advocating for greater paternity leave benefits in the U.S.  Josh Levs is a CNN reporter who successfully advocated for his employer to provide the same leave benefits to biological dads as it did to adopting families.


Men Want Work-Life Balance Too.
Men are taking on more at home, even when it means working less. The rest of the world better get ready.


Meet the Man Who Sued His Boss to Spend More Time With His Kids


Sue Your Company For Better Parental Leave In 5 Simple Steps.
…You could do what every guy before you has likely done, take whatever vacation you’ve banked and hope everyone is healthy and happy by the time you have to go back. Or, you could sue the bastards.


It’s easy to forget that as workers, we have power. We have rights. Our businesses need us—not just vice versa. I want my children to grow up in a world that doesn’t force parents to choose between career and family, and doesn’t rely on stereotypes to build workplace best practices. To get there, we need to rise up against this institutional sexism now—men and women, together.


Los Angeles man creates book club for dads, inspired by and beginning with All In.


Levs… describes his successful challenge against Time Warner’s paternity-leave policy; the suit garnered considerable media attention, including a front-page story in the business section of the New York Times.


People complain about this country not having as much paid maternity leave. What you rarely hear is why we don’t have paternity leave: Workplace policies didn’t grow up. They are totally out of touch with our egalitarian society.