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Josh discusses the stresses and struggles of dads, the need for equality in caregiving, and the importance of addressing mental health.

Columnist cites Josh Levs’ work in a column on Herschel Walker’s lies about Black dads.

A Citizen Times column cites Josh Levs’ research in discussing the need to hold politicians and candidates accountable regarding misinformation.

This International Women’s Day, here are two big ways men — including investors — can boost gender equality, Josh writes for Nasdaq.

The FT recommends Josh’s column on how businesses can change their cultures to make paid leave work.

Host Christopher Veal talks with Josh about stereotypes of fathers, learning to lean into vulnerability, shifting the narrative of what it means to be a ‘man,’ male body image and ‘bigorexia,’ and more.

Josh explains why the spat over a post on Emma Watson’s Instagram feed exposes the flawed, circular logic people use to refuse to listen to Jewish people about antisemitism.

Josh’s statement on the shocking death of a beloved friend and true “mensch”

Josh speaks to French newspaper La Croix about the long fight for paid family leave in the United States.

When people take paid family leave, their coworkers can experience a benefit, not a burden, Josh explains.

In taking time (mostly) off as transportation secretary to welcome his new children together with his husband, Pete Buttigieg is still serving the public good — by normalizing paternity leave, Josh explains in this column.

As Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg faces criticism for taking paternity leave, Josh Levs explains the broad misunderstandings about what dads do at home.

Josh Levs explains the stigmas against men who take paternity leave.

In this episode of All Things Work, host Tony Lee speaks with Josh Levs, leading expert on the experiences of modern dads in the workplace, on how to create workplaces that better serve and accommodate every parent.

New evidence shows that when men take on holistic self-care, the entire family benefits in numerous ways, Josh explains.

There’s news about dads, self-care, and gender equality, Josh writes.

Whether you’re a working parent or stay-at-home, join us as Faith talks with Josh Levs, former NPR and CNN journalist and a leading expert on work-life balance, who opens our eyes (and ears) to why dads need balance.

Josh on modern fatherhood and why paternity leave is a crucial women’s rights issue

Josh talks about why he supports paid family leave and how when men an be equal caregivers, women can get an equal shot in the workplace.

Josh explains that this Father’s Day, there’s a crucial message about gender equality and economics that should be blasted across the country: To recover from the ‘she-cession’ — the recession that has disproportionately hurt women — one of the steps businesses need to take is to treat men as equal caregivers.

Josh explains why Wall Street must lead on paternity leave.

Josh is a proud signatory to Fred Guttenberg’s open letter with Brady United calling for gun safety.

In his latest column for Newsweek, Josh calls out antisemitism.

Josh explains how men — especially white men who have power — can be crucial allies in the effort to stop workplace bullying and abuse.