Welcome to They Stand Corrected, the podcast that fact checks the news

As we enter an even worse era of misinformation and “alternative facts,” we desperately need news media to be trustworthy sources of truth. But all too often, news organizations report what liars — and even terrorists — say without telling you what’s true. They give these folks “open mics.” They fail to fact check.

Who holds the media to account? Now, there’s a podcast for that. Welcome to They Stand Corrected, from award-winning journalist Josh Levs. He spent 20 years in the media, first at NPR and then at CNN, where he became lead on air fact checker. He also wrote a book busting myths about modern families, to rave reviews, and has spoken everywhere from the U.N. to Congress, Oxford, Google and more. Now, from outside bureaucratic media, he sees more clearly than ever what prevents the media from providing the whole truth. 

Each episode focuses on something big that the media is getting wrong, why it keeps happening, and what we can all do about it. In a newsletter accompanying each episode, Josh provides links, proof, and a safe space to submit questions, comments and reports you want fact checked — all without having to deal with haters and spammers! He might even answer your questions on the show. Plus, your chance to tell Josh what he got wrong, for segments called “I Stand Corrected.” 

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