Episode 3: Media Lies About ‘International Law’

For decades, the media has broken a cardinal rule of journalism — and gotten a basic fact wrong. Today, the media’s false claims about Israel and “international law.” Josh sets the record straight, and shows why the media’s failure gave Trump a political victory that he didn’t earn. We’ll take a (very) quick tour through decades of U.S. presidents, from Carter on, to set the record straight about them as well.

Episode 2: The Media’s ‘Terrorism’ Hypocrisy

Virtually all major news agencies follow the same pattern. Attacks targeting civilians are “terrorism” everywhere — except in Israel. When it comes to the slaughter of Jews, the term “terror” is suddenly off the table. And when called out on this bias, news executives try to gaslight the world.

This problem goes far beyond semantics. It determines whether people even learn the basics of what happened at all. Today on They Stand Corrected, Josh shows why this bigoted rule helps Islamist terrorist groups mislead the world about Israel. Hear the proof!

 Episode 1: The Media Is Wrong About ‘Occupation’

Today, how the media gets “occupation” wrong. Learn why calling Gaza and the West Bank “the occupied territories” is bigoted nonsense, and why the media refuses to call occupied territories all over the world “occupied territories.” Plus, a document from the Palestinian Authority that lists the Israeli occupation as having ended in 1994; a top news website for kids that describes Guam as occupied; and how Islamist terrorist groups including Hezbollah are actually pro-occupation.

Welcome to They Stand Corrected, the podcast that fact checks the news

As we enter an even worse era of misinformation and “alternative facts,” we desperately need news media to be trustworthy sources of truth. But all too often, news organizations report what liars — and even terrorists — say without telling you what’s true. They give these folks “open mics.” They fail to fact check.

Who holds the media to account? Now, there’s a podcast for that. Welcome to They Stand Corrected, from award-winning journalist Josh Levs. He spent 20 years in the media, first at NPR and then at CNN, where he became lead on air fact checker. He also wrote a book busting myths about modern families, to rave reviews, and has spoken everywhere from the U.N. to Congress, Oxford, Google and more. Now, from outside bureaucratic media, he sees more clearly than ever what prevents the media from providing the whole truth.