Episode 11: Whitewashing Al Jazeera

From the way the mainstream media often describes it, you wouldn’t know Al Jazeera is a state-owned propaganda outlet of the Qatari government. And the problem isn’t just that the news organizations hide its identity. They go further, and praise it. Meanwhile, Al Jazeera praises and celebrates terrorists.

On this episode of They Stand Corrected, Josh exposes the hypocrisy of news organizations, particularly NPR, that complained about Twitter’s handling of state media labels while refusing to follow their own rules for Al Jazeera. Plus, someone from inside Al Jazeera who blew the whistle on how it shills for the Qatari government. And how the media’s obsession with adoring Al Jazeera has led news organizations to relatively downplay or even outright ignore the deaths of journalists in dangerous situations all over the world.

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