Episode 1: The Media Is Wrong About ‘Occupation’

When the media mislead people in ways that downplay or justify terrorists’ atrocities, the world is in danger. Coverage of the October 7 terrorist attacks by Hamas in Israel, and the war in Gaza since, have made that clear. So Josh is kicking off They Stand Corrected by exposing the rules in news organizations that require anti-Israel bias. Skeptical? Listen and you’ll hear the proof!

Today, how the media gets “occupation” wrong. Learn why calling Gaza and the West Bank “the occupied territories” is bigoted nonsense, and why the media refuses to call occupied territories all over the world “occupied territories.” Plus, a document from the Palestinian Authority that lists the Israeli occupation as having ended in 1994; a top news website for kids that describes Guam as occupied; and how Islamist terrorist groups including Hezbollah are actually pro-occupation.

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