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Episode 13: A Law to Ban Politicians Lying

There’s an irony and media failure at the core of the national freakout over the recent presidential debate. The media’s fixation on President Biden’s demeanor is so much bigger than the focus on former President Trump’s long list of lies. It raises a question at the heart of American democracy this July 4th: Do we value truth?

In this episode, Josh dissects the media reactions and discusses a law being considered by another democratic government to ban lies by politicians. He explains that while the First Amendment protects all sorts of speech here, it actually is illegal for Americans to lie in numerous contexts — including to the federal government. Would it be such a stretch to say they can’t lie to us either?

Josh explains how this connects to U.S. war heroes, a guy being screamed at for what he was wearing in a store, and Superman.

Plus, a listener asks Josh why the media has rules requiring anti-Israel bias. He explains a devious tactic antisemites use to keep those rules in place.

Episode 12: Media Need a ‘Hypocrisy Meter’

A listener asks Josh to fact check media coverage of Republicans’ attacks against Alvin Bragg, the Manhattan D.A. who successfully prosecuted Trump. It highlights a big issue: How the media’s lack of self-awareness severely damages our political scene. Today, how the media washes its hands of responsibility for creating a narrative.

Also, why the media needs a “hypocrisy meter” so that it points out when powerful people and entities are “engaging in a level of hypocrisy that is so obvious it can basically be seen from space.” Josh explores how allowing hypocrisy to go unchecked damages not only politics but also global conflicts. He shows how it applies to media coverage of the Middle East, including a “journalist” accused of having held Israeli hostages captive.