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Businesses can’t empower women at work without also tackling the structures that make it tougher for men to be caregivers at home. Josh Levs is the top thought leader in addressing this through keynotes, workshops, corporate training, and more.

Topics include:

  • How to engage men on issues of gender equality and diversity
  • Eradicating workplace sexism and sexual harassment
  • How businesses can help men become co-champions for change
  • How to attract and retain the top talent
  • Strategies to offer work-life balance for women and men
  • The policies (including leave and flexibility) as well as cultural changes that make employees happier and increase profits

In addition, Levs delivers talks for specific audiences, including

  • Businesses, Men, and the #MeToo Era
  • The New All In Legal Frontier (for legal groups, law schools)
  • Understanding Paid Family Leave
  • Why Future Business Leaders Must Be All In (for business schools)
  • Making corporate wellness programs work for men, too
  • Modern Dads’ and Boys’ Secret Health Struggles (for health and medical groups)
  • Marketing to modern fathers

His specialties also include talks and workshops for companies focused on positive disruption, psychological safety, building corporate narratives, winning positive media attention and more.

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